Whats New in Windows 11s First Big Update February

It has a flyout design with pinned and recommended apps accompanying each other. So far in my usage, the recommendations are pretty good. It quickly offers me access to documents, photos, and apps I have recently installed. Microsoft originally offered a “PC Health Check App” Visit that you could use to assess whether your PC will be able to run Windows 11.

  • You have to simply use three different keys by which you can quickly rotate screen on a laptop as you want.
  • Program groups have been replaced with a Start menu, and program icons have been replaced by shortcuts and desktop items.
  • You can always disable the feature from the “Multitasking” settings page in the “System” section.

You can also find the option by launching the Settings app, clicking on System, and choosing Display. In designing, it’s easier to design on a vertical display than on a landscape one. We will see the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel like below. This screen can be different for different versions of the Intel Graphics card. Swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the notification panel. PressStartand click the settings cog above the power button to open the Settings app.

Is There Any Way to Rotate the Screen on A Lenovo Laptop Windows 10?

Toward the end of the chapter I describe how W32SVSPY works its magic. The techniques involved might prove handy in your own system-level programming. LocalShrink In Win32, LocalShrink has no effect on the heap itself because Win32 heap blocks aren’t moveable. In the Win16 LocalShrink, however, the function returns the size of the heap. Therefore, for compatibility’s sake, the Win32 LocalShrink returns the size of the default process heap.LocalShrink may have some usefulness for Win32 applications.

Unfortunately, these steps aren’t as simple as specifying GMEM_SHARE. Specifying GMEM_SHARE to GlobalAlloc won’t buy you memory that’s shared across mulitiple memory contexts. Although you can share memory with memory mapped files, they’re certainly not the only solution. If all you want to share is a small amount of data between a few instances of the same program, using memory mapped files is overkill.

Gamepad support for Windows 11 Android Subsystem

The sorting thread creates an event to represent when the sort is finished. The other thread calls WaitForSingleObject How To Rollback canon Drivers in Windows 10., passing it the event handle created earlier. The most fundamental process function in Windows 95 is CreateProcess, which is analogous to the Winl6 WinExec and LoadModule functions.

These are neat features that improve upon the screen real estate management options already available in Windows 10. Admittedly, during testing, I found myself rarely using snap assist or groups, and the only layout I reliably used was the simple 50/50 side-by-side view I’ve been using in Windows 10 for years. But if you’re more of a power user than I am, these new features should help you feel a little more productive in Windows 11.

That wraps up this Windows 10 screen rotation tutorial. With hope, you’ll no longer be reading this sideways or upside down. If you’ve forgotten, you can access the Action Center by pressing the message icon on the far right of your taskbar. You may need to click the “Expand” button to see the relevant option. Whether this works or now will depend on your device, specifically your graphics card. That aside, here’s how to rotate the screen on Windows 11 and Windows 10.Note that our screenshots were taken in Windows 11, but the settings layout is similar in both operating systems.

Each MODREF structure contains an index into the pModuleTableArray table. Figure 3-2 shows the relationship between MODREFs and IMTEs. SUMMARY Windows 95 is most definitely its own operating system. Windows 95 has threads and multiple address spaces and is much more architecturally sound than Win32s. Windows 95’s code is optimized for performance and minimal memory consumption on the Intel X86 CPUs. 13 out concern for whether your program will be running under Windows NT, Windows 95, or DOS.

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